Qualified Equine Dental Technician

Mark Twigg is a fully trained, qualified and accredited equine dental technician serving Scotland.

Mark is a member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians, the only association for equine dental technicians that the British Equine Veterinary Association endorses and encourages its members to support.  In order to obtain membership of the BAEDT Mark passed the British Equine Veterinary Association exam which is approved by DEFRA.

Mark is qualified to carry out the following Category 2 Equine Dental Procedures:

  • Examination, evaluation and recording of equine dental problems
  • Extraction of teeth, or tooth fragments with negligible periodontal attachment
  • Removal of erupted, non-displaced wolf teeth
  • Rasping of fractured and adjacent teeth
  • The use of motorised dental instruments to reduce overgrowths and remove sharp points

In addition to the more basic Category 1 procedures including:

  • Rostal profiling (referred to as ‘bit seat shaping’)
  • Removal of sharp enamel points using hand floats
  • Removal of dental overgrowths using manual rasps
  • Removal of loose deciduous caps
  • Removal of supragingival calculus

In order to obtain his qualifications Mark studied at Hartpury College, Gloucester and then continued to train with vets and qualified, experienced equine dental technicians. After studying for three years Mark was ready to sit the exams.  Mark presented over 300 case notes including 30 where vets had been in attendance as well as two references from vets.