Equine Dental Technician

Equine Dental Technician Mark Twigg, happy to look your horse in the mouth!

Ensuring your horse has a healthy mouth and teeth is an important part of caring for your animal and ensuring your horse or pony is in the best possible physical condition.

A happy, healthy horse with a comfortable mouth who can eat without discomfort will be at their best while being riden or when working.

Horses and ponies are herbivorous grazers and are designed to eat for up to 18 hours per day.  Teeth do not continue to grow but will erupt until the horse is approximately 30 years of age.  Horses have two main sets of teeth, incisors, at the front of the mouth, used to tear the grass from the ground and large molars toward the back of the mouth which grind grass, hay and hard feed into a form which can be digested.

Poor equine dental health can lead to the food not being properly ground up by the teeth and so poorly digested, leading to malnutrition (and associated illnesses) and even starvation if left untreated for long periods.  Before weight loss, problems with your horses or ponies teeth can often be identified by a change in behaviour, particularly apparent while riding or working with the horse with reins or bit, your horse may also drop forage from their mouth while feeding if chewing becomes painful (referred to as ‘Quidding’).

Many horses and ponies benefit greatly from regular check ups and indeed prevention in equine dental care is better than cure, both for your animal and your pocket, many common problems can be identified and treated during inexpensive routine visits before harm and pain is caused.

Mark Twigg is a highly experienced and fully qualified Equine Dental Techician, based in Beith, Ayrshire and offering Equine tooth care throughout the West of Scotland, please view our map for locations covered.

For a prompt, reliable and professional service from a fully qualified and insured Equine Dental Technician, please get in touch with Mark Twigg, if you would like to know what our previous clients have said about Mark please check out our Testimonials.

We have provided lots of information about equine teeth, common problems and the treatment we offer throughout this website but please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions the site does not fully answer.