Are all Equine Dental Technicians the Same?

As with all professions there can be very significant differences in the quality of service you can expect from Equine Dental Technicians.  What this means is the quality of care your horse or pony will receive could be drastically reduced by choosing the wrong equine dental technician.  Currently in Britain a wide variety of individuals can legally perform equine dental procedures.

Unfortunately, there are more unqualified and unaccredited horse dentists working in Scotland than those who are fully trained and qualified.  Some of these unqualified people may well be very competent but if you choose an unaccredited equine dental technician you are certainly taking a risk, why indeed would they be practicing without the qualification if they are able to acquire it?  Some who offer equine dental services could be very inexperienced and have had minimal training, but nevertheless undertake advanced procedures and can damage equine teeth.  On occasion these unqualified and unaccredited practitioners can cause serious, and even life threatening injuries to horses‘ jaws, mouths and throats.

Mark Twigg is fully accredited, trained, qualified and insured and is a member of the British Association of Dental Technicians.  Please contact Mark for an appointment, in the unlikely event that Mark is unable to arrange an appropriate appointment we strongly recommend using another accredited equine dental technician by following this link.